Acrylic Photo Prints

Ideal medium for high end design, photography and imaging on your valuable wall space.

Acrylic Facemount - Photo Print Mounted Under Plexiglass

"The extraordinary depth and tonality of our acrylic prints ensure clientele satisfaction time and time again..."


  • Our best selling facemount option
  • Distinct contrast with metallic like quality paper
  • Available in custom and large sizes
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  • Printed on premium glossy photo paper
  • Choice acrylic print for a classic look
  • Available up to 42x96 inches
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Quality Satisfaction

You will experience great customer service as we work alongside you to produce and deliver top quality prints."

Canada Made

All of our pieces are proudly printed in Canada at our convenient Vancouver based photo lab.

Specializing in Large Format Prints with Impressive Quality

Our Acrylic Print Features

If you're making decisions for your corporate interior design space, whether that be an office, condo, hotel or film set, this is an optimal print choice for a modern look. Your photos and designs will be brought to life with the incredible tonal separation inherent to our choice media. We print your image onto high-end metallic or glossy paper, which is face mounted onto the back of a water clear acrylic sheet. Every facemount is finished with a secure, multi-layered aluminum backing that protects your photo print. This solution has proven durability whilst maintaining the product's lightweight nature. Edges are finely finished to perfection. Add tremendous depth to any image with our acrylic facemount.

3mm and 6mm optically clear, framing grade acrylic glass

Professional photo print on metallic or glossy paper

Long lasting aluminum panel for a secure backing

Fade resistant inks guarantee print longevity

Choose your size from large, medium or small format [up to 42x96"]

Upload & adjust your images with our custom configurator

Photos • Design • Art

Personalize Your Walls With a Modern Look

Wall décor in your commercial, home or office space says a lot about you and/or your brand. If your trying to create a contemporary aesthetic, our acrylic photo print option is a perfect choice. You'll be sure to make a great impression.

Illuminate a Display of Your Favourite Images

The nature of 3mm-6mm thick acrylic glass utilizes and reflects light to its advantage. Additionally, our state-of-the-art printing technology generates rich contrast and colour on metallic or glossy photo paper. Combine the two and you have our luminous acrylic photo print.

Arrives Ready to Hang - Quick and Easy Installation

Our 5⁄8” aluminum C-Bar extrusions are attached to the back of the acrylic facemount - inset and hidden from sight. Once hung, this gives you the illusion that the image is floating off the wall. No need to hire an installer to hang your wall display as our system is user friendly across the board.

For an Eye Catching Wall Display


Patricia Randall

"I decided that some of my own simple photography from a recent trip to Botswana would make interesting art work for my home---'if' I could find a way to show case it. Luckily for me, I found Toby and he was able to transform some of my photos into beautiful front-mounted acrylic pieces for a hallway in my home and canvas pieces for my office."

Karsten Cramer

"I received excellent service from Toby who helped me with printing and framing a collection of photography for my first exhibition. He took the time to understand my requirements, explain the various options and produce high-quality work. I am very pleased and will certainly be returning for any future printing."

Ms-M Gal

"Highly recommended. Toby has an excellent attention to detail and goes above and beyond in every way. He even stayed late during a snow storm to finish my project."


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Mounting Your Images Under Gallery Grade Glass is a Refined Way to Display Your Photos, Designs and Art

If you want a truly polished way to showcase your select images, the acrylic photo print will exceed your expectations. This medium is gaining popularity in the industry because of its unique quality to really make colours pop! It is referred to by several descriptors - you may have heard acrylic face or photo mount and acrylic called by its general name, plexiglass. Professional designers, marketers and photographers alike are employing acrylic facemounts to appeal to a new age, urban environment. Additionally the vibrancy and colour permanence characteristics make the investment worthwhile.

Variable Formats to Fit Your Acrylic Photo Print Needs

Acrylic photo prints are available in a wide range of sizes - up to 42x96 inches. We specialize in large format printing and have perfected that process, however we can also accommodate your custom needs for medium and small prints. Additionally, you can choose the acrylic glass for your print to be 3mm or 6mm thick. Either variation is extremely durable and offers a stunning 3D effect to your image. Note, there are two distinct methods for acrylic printing: direct printing onto acrylic and printing onto quality photo paper, which is then mounted onto acrylic. We utilize the mounting option as the final product is of much higher quality. Printing directly onto acrylic is problematic and doesn't hold the same definition, tonality or depth as printing onto premium photo paper.

If you want to consult us regarding size we will happily provide you with our expert opinion. It's all a matter of what you're hoping to create; for example, if you're building a collage of images with various sizes, you may want to envision this beforehand and we have the experience to help.

Hanging Your Acrylic Facemount

It is understandable to be nervous about hanging your valuable prints, however we have an easy to use system that is friendly for everyone - even for those who have never hung wall art before! While our acrylic photo prints arrive ready to hang with ease, the wall mounting standard is optional. If you prefer to have your prints without you can make a request at the time of ordering.

Our Shipping & Delivery Standard

Place confidence in our secure art packaging procedures. Your acrylic photo prints are precious and so we always follow precautions when packaging for delivery. Moreover, we always employ a courier service that specializes in handling fragile objects. Our experienced staff ensure a short production period. You can expect your product to be completed quickly, thereafter shipped and delivered promptly. (Usually the next business day for local BC orders and up to 3-5 business days across Canada).

Want to Explore Your Options?

We have an assortment of ways to create an appealing wall display of your photos, designs and art. Check out the canvas or metal prints pages to gain more inspiration. If your looking for an absolutely sleek presentation and want to maintain a modern aesthetic the metal prints are another strong choice. Or perhaps you're desiring a classic, gallery styled exhibit - in which case, canvas prints would perform well in your interior space. Each medium is unique, yet all of them create a professional, modish product. For an ultimate finish delve into our framed prints page and learn about the range of options to further embellish your image.


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