Scan valuable articles such as wooden models, ceramics, textiles, paintings, historical documents, old maps and blueprints to the highest resolution. These precious items are captured without the risk of damage. The non-contact CRUSE scanner is optimal for the design industry, fine art reproduction, museums, movie sets, libraries and more. With a unique synchron table scanning method you can now digitise 2D and 3D objects. 

Ideal for large format objects up to 48” x 72”, with a depth of up to 10”. A fixed table scanner light source coupled with the moving vacuum table guarantees unmatched sharpness, texture and true-to-original colour. With maximum flexibility of lighting, dynamic range and stable illumination it is ideal for decor and fine art reproduction. We are proudly the only printing company within BC to carry this worldwide leading equipment.

CRUSE Scanner Features:

  • Non-contact scanning for objects of up to 10” thickness
  • Variable resolution with ultra HD possibilities 
  • Original holder: 48" x 72" vacuum board
  • Ideal for large format objects
  • Fixed table light and line-scan camera
  • Scan table loadable with up to 300 kg
  • Max resolution: 10,000x15,000 pixels

A Variety of Applications

Decor Industry

With a load capacity of 300 KG, the CRUSE scanner offers the best solution for high-end digital recording of materials for flooring, furniture, ceramics or even wallpaper. This table method of scanning has quickly become an industry standard. The sensitive lighting system includes leading surface detection options to meet this sector’s specific requirements; scanned files reproduce the same feel and texture as the original material. Your objects’ dark and bright areas will be captured beyond measure of any other scanning mechanism or equipment.

Fine Art Reproduction

Your artistic needs for quality and accuracy in art reproduction are met. 16 bit colour and ProPhoto RGB/Adobe RGB profiles capture more colour, range, detail, richness and smoother gradient in digital imaging. Additionally, the fixed light and line-scan system effectively scans texture. You are provided the highest resolution file you need for any type of fine art and large format printing. Including but not limited to: watercolours, oil and acrylic paintings, graphic collections, collages, sculptures, and mixed media up to 7” high (thickness).

Archives & Libraries

Libraries require non-contact scanning mechanisms for fragile objects. The vacuum feature of the CRUSE table scanner is particularly suitable for archival documents; it enables them to be scanned with or without glass plates. Additionally, the specialised LED light source ensures that delicate originals undergo minimal exposure in the process - 1/10 the amount of most other methods of scanning. We carefully and meticulously handle everything that comes through our work space. 


Acclaimed historical originals are precious to both the curators and audiences of museums. Given the non-contact highlight of CRUSE scanners, this is truly the perfect method to digitise museum holdings. If the piece is in need of reproduction, variable texture effects and light settings capture objects and documents so that the true nature is digitised. With the ability to scan large format areas consistently (the fixed light is of equal distance and intensity throughout the process), this technology has been employed by museums internationally.

Documentation for High Value Property Insurance

Digitise a collector’s piece almost exactly for insurance purposes. Insurance companies require official documentation so that claims are processed in an appropriate, measured way. For these one-of-a-kind pieces you want to be compensated adequately in the case of any damages or theft. Paintings, drawings and documents can be scanned within their frames given the advanced non-reflective light source, which offers additional security.

Fashion Textiles

Relay the true topographic look and feeling of your designer textiles to shows and clientele. The CRUSE scanner promises both uniform capturing of structure across the material as well as variable depths, in turn light and dark areas. With the maximum resolution being 10,000x15,000 pixels, every detail will be accounted for. Imaging such as this hasn’t been possible before these systems hit the market.

Movie & Set Design

Achieve reproductions of the highest precision and true-to-original tonal range for Film & TV set design. Whether your company is in need of fine art, signage or poster scans and prints, we have you covered in any format. Specialising in large format prints for endless possibilities. Located conveniently in Vancouver, B.C., or as some like to call it - Hollywood North. Fulfil your needs locally, nationally or internationally.



Service is above and beyond. Toby takes the time to go over everything to make sure all of the services he provides is top quality. I'm an artist that make resin paintings (shiny like glass with reflections) and he's able to capture every detail without glare by using his laser to photograph. Not only is his photography amazing, but the quality of his prints are too. I highly recommend MALEK Prints.


MALEK Prints is a great place to go to when you need a large format scan done correctly, also for custom prints. They are willing to help and work with you towards your satisfaction even if you have high level artistic expectations. They are knowledgeable and provide a wide variety of professional services; form scanning and archiving to printing and displaying artwork. Great Thanks to ABC Fine ART - definitely 5 stars.


My experience at ABC Fine Art was better than expected for scanning my botanical images and producing giclee prints. The highest quality is required for exhibition submissions and Toby does not disappoint. He works with you to achieve the desired colour and image reproduction. I will definitely return with more business in the future!